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Dry Eye Therapy

Dry eyes can be a debilitating condition that causes both discomfort and frustration. Once we determine the root cause of your dry eyes, we can create a tailored treatment or management plan to suit your needs.

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Myopia Control

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is an increasingly common refractive error. To help slow the progression of your myopia, and help keep your prescription low, we offer a variety of myopia control methods.

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Laser Eye Surgery Consultations

Laser eye surgery can allow you to enjoy clear, crisp vision without the need for glasses or contact lenses. To help you determine if laser eye surgery is a good choice for you, we offer laser eye surgery consultations.

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Digital Eye Strain

With the influx of digital devices in our daily lives, people are more likely than ever to engage in long periods of close focusing, and eye strain is becoming increasingly common. To help keep your eyes healthy and comfortable, we offer a variety of digital eye strain management strategies tailored to suit your needs.

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Eye Disease Diagnosis & Management

Regular eye exams are vital because they allow your optometrist to examine your eyes for signs of trouble. This is important because many eye health and vision-threatening conditions and diseases do not exhibit symptoms until permanent damage has already occurred. The team at the North Tustin Ave Optometric Center is here to help you safeguard your vision and offer management and treatment options for a wide variety of serious conditions.

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Emergency Eye Care

We have seen all kinds of vision and eye-related emergencies, and though we hope you never experience one, we are here to help if you need us.

If you cannot wait for an appointment to see us, please call 911.

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