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Your Eye Health is Our Top Priority

Regular comprehensive eye exams are vital for monitoring and maintaining your ocular health. Many patients with serious eye conditions do not exhibit symptoms in the early stages of disease, so you may not realize something is wrong until your vision and eye health are already compromised. Fortunately, comprehensive eye exams can detect signs of trouble early on, allowing your optometrist to craft a tailored treatment or management plan.

Our exams are transparent and straightforward, so you can feel confident that we will hear your concerns and provide expert advice.

The American Optometric Association recommends that adults under 65 have their eyes examined at least every 2 years if they are considered “asymptomatic or low-risk.” However, most optometrists suggest patients go for eye exams on an annual basis.

Adults are considered “at-risk” if they require vision correction, have a personal or family history of eye disease, or work at jobs that are considered hazardous.

“At-risk” adults, as well as patients over 65, should have their eyes examined annually.

Our Eye Exam Process

When you come to see us for a comprehensive eye exam, we will conduct several routine tests designed to detect any possible conditions or diseases.

Your first visit will include a detailed conversation about your current overall health and your personal and family patient history. We will also address any questions or concerns you have and discuss your occupation and hobbies so that we can help you take any necessary safety precautions.

We will then test your visual acuity to see if you need vision correction. This typically involves a letter chart, which allows your optometrist to roughly estimate your current prescription. Should you require vision correction, your optometrist will conduct further tests to determine your exact prescription.

From here, we will evaluate your overall eye health including depth perception, color vision, muscle movements, and how your pupils respond to light. We will also examine the curvature of your cornea, which is required information for contact lens fittings.

If your visual acuity tests reveal that you have a refractive error, we will use a phoropter and a retinoscope to see what power of lens you require. This is an interactive process where patients respond verbally to let the optometrist know which lenses provide the clearest vision. For patients who cannot respond verbally, we may use eyedrops to evaluate the patient’s eyes and how they focus.

After examining your eyes thoroughly, we will answer any questions you may have and, based on your results, recommend further testing if necessary.

Seniors Eye Exams

As we age, our risk of developing certain eye conditions or diseases increases. Patients over the age of 60 are significantly more likely to develop serious, vision-threatening conditions such as glaucoma or age-related macular degeneration.

The sooner we detect and diagnose these and other conditions, the less likely you are to experience permanent vision loss.

If you start noticing changes in your vision, please request an appointment to have your eyes examined as soon as possible.

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